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What would you think when someone says Java, as in the busiest and most populated island in Indonesia? Probably not so much at the environment more than crowded, or even the really popular traffic jam for people from the capital city of Jakarta. But actually, Java offers so many beautiful panoramic sceneries that you can enjoy, ranging from beaches to high mountains. Touring around Java Island can be so much fun if you know where to look. One of the beautiful and probably popular mountains to enjoy for holiday is Bromo. Bromo is located in East Java, a bit far if you do plan to go from Jakarta, but no worries; this article will guide you to a great Bromo tour package for you and your family to get the most enjoyable moments.

Sunrise sightseeing
The most popular attraction that gets people to visit Mount Bromo is seeing the sunrise from the tip of the mountain. Of course, if you happen to bring kids with you, this can be a bit challenging to do. But, the native people around Bromo offers the various vehicle to take you to the top. If you get a Bromo tour package, don’t miss the opportunity to see the beautiful sunrise from the top.

Horse riding
Besides hiking, you can do horse riding here. The locals offer many varieties for a range of prices. The spot to take horse riding is at the caldera surrounded by kilometers of volcanic sands. Surely you would not want to miss the experience of riding a horse in Mount Bromo, right?


If you are going to the wilderness, especially the mountains, camping will be the top of the list to do. And we do encourage it! Mount Bromo offers so many camping sites for tourists and visitors. There are Cemorolawang, Nongkojajar, Ranu Pati, Ranu Kumbolo, Ranu Darungan and so on. Mabe, you have heard about a camping site called Ranu Pane; its a special camping site for schools and explorers to train. So, don’t get confused. Camping is great if you want to see the sunrise; its really hard to climb up in darkness, hence so many people pick camping the night before as their option.

Those are the list of things that usually come in Bromo Tour Package that you and your family surely will enjoy when visiting Mount Bromo. Don’t forget to keep the mountain area clean and pick your trash to save the environment!

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